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Song for Dino

Dino Valente

He was the outlaw of folk
Speeding down the lonely highway
from the Village to North Beach
He was the heavy candy man

Singing in the Coffee Gallery
his voice resounded
through the shock of assassination
echoing the deep moan of the nation

He was the outlaw of Rock
another fallen warrior of the 60s
From Quicksilver to jail and back again
he was the hard candy man

From the flames of the highs
come the ashes of the lows -
hearts rupture
and tumors grow

There is a burning in the soul
that breaks the heart apart
driving the mind to madness
and the wounds never heal.

The world soul burns
an infinity of bodies
so many broken
by the demons within

But the song flies
through the gateway of time
the ideal rises and falls
and the dream never dies -

Come on people now
Smile on your brother
Everybody get together
Try to love one another,
Right now!

© 2006 Allen Cohen. All rights reserved.