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Miracles - XMAS 95

This is a time of miracles.
My stepdaughter said thank you
in her half sleep when
I turned off her bedside lamp
The water department paved
the hole in our road,
and Ann made the four workers
muffins and coffee in gratitude.
Yes, these are small miracles,
but look! Clinton vetoed
Gingrichs oligarchic budget,
a small miracle
in the public realm,
and negotiated a peace treaty
in the Balkans,
a rather late miracle
in the international realm.

Remember the miracle
we are celebrating
of the unmarried teenagers
who gave birth to the baby, Jesus,
whose mama and papa
were homeless outcasts
who were refused
any room at the Marriott
and bore the god-like child
in the barn with donkeys,
and pigs and lambs watching.

Then three wandering
hippie astrologers offered
the poor family a handout
of the medicinal herb myrrh
and frankincense
to clear the foul air,
and some gold to help them
skip the country
before Herod - Gingrich
outlawed them and
ordered their death.

Yes, it is a time of miracles,
a time when compassion
leads and reason follows,
when hatred melts
in loves fire
when war dissolves
in the waves of peace.

© 1995 Allen Cohen. All rights reserved.